About Us

Do you have what it takes to be a Young Marine? -- If so, check us out!

The Space Coast Young Marines is one of over 300 Young Marine units
belonging to the National Young Marines of the Marine Corps League
program. Founded in 1958, the Young Marines program endeavors to
instill positive, enduring values in today's boys and girls aged 8 to
18. Throughout our Nation, there are more than 14,000 young Americans
being guided by an organization based on Marines giving back to their

There are currently 16 Young Marines units in the State of Florida, stretched
from Miami to Tallahassee. We serve the surrounding counties of
Brevard, Indian River and Lake. We meet on the first and third
Saturdays at the VFW hall on Dairy Road.

The Space Coast Young Marines, like all other Young Marine units, is not a
government funded organization. We rely on the hard work of our Young
Marines to raise our needed funds through various fundraising
activities (car washes, candy sales, flag sales, etc). We also rely on
the benevolence of the business community and service organizations.
The adult staff is all volunteer and consists of former Marines, YM
family members and members from all different professions within our

In the Space Coast Young Marines, our youth receive opportunities to build
their pride and leadership skills through such challenging events as:
rappelling; intense physical fitness training; camping; close order
drill; swimming; land navigation and many other activities. They get
opportunities to earn promotions and ribbons through their achievements
as they develop their skills. There are also travel opportunities, in
the US and Europe, as the Young Marines participate in National
Schools, adventures, or encampments with other units.

We are not molding Marines so we do not teach weapons, tactics or warfare operations.
Neither are we a recruiting tool for the USMC. We are allowed to wear
the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on our uniforms and take pride in our
appearance and conduct. We cannot give your child self-esteem, no one
can give it, but we can provide the opportunities to earn it. We hold
that when something is earned it has more value and is worth defending
and keeping. The Young Marine program is not a program for couch
potatoes or a baby-sitting service. It is a challenging, exciting and
motivating program that requires a commitment to excel in the academic,
physical and social aspects of life.